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Through a blend of Hypnosis, Hypnobreathwork®, NLP based strategies and intuitive coaching...

I specialize in revealing the limiting beliefs and subconscious narratives that dictate and shape behavior, health, relationships, and performance.

On the other side you will experience...

Release anxiety & stress
Enhanced creativity 
Strengthened mental clarity & cognition
Optimized energy
Reconnect to purpose 
Enhanced well-being 

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Uncover the beliefs about wealth and money that are blocking you from making your dreams your living reality!

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is a state of being and money is a by product  

Super Expander mastermind

  • Group session 1x /week 
  • 1 private coaching session /month 
  • Community of like minded & growth oriented professionals
  • Focus on setting goals, hitting targets & creating lasting change 

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THE Experience

One on one Coaching

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  • Identify and smash the limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks that are holding you back.
  • Rewire your mind for growth and next level success
  • Expand your nervous system capacity, kiss burnout & stress goodbye forever.



Helping REAL entrepreneurs grow
How to Overcome
Learning to say NO

The expander Podcast

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Subconscious reprograming and strategy the power combo for growing your business
Nervous system regulation is the secret of top performers, CEO’s & founders and is the untapped resource for reaching your full potential.
3 things blocking you from dropping into flow state & how the ability to drop into this peak state is a competitive advantage in business.

Love notes

“I just locked in a 10 million dollar investor. Corene, this work is completely blowing my mind. In the short few months of working together, I have secured the last round of funding needed, I was accepted into the accelerator program, and the tension with my business partner is gone. Sign me up for the entire year. I am so grateful!!” 

Melissa B.

“I nailed my presentation. Managed my HRV and dropped into flow. Just like magic!! I am beyond impressed with the work we do together. Corene, you truly are the more talented coach. Thank you!!”

Ali P.

Someone asked me yesterday how I was doing, and my answer was I am thriving. That might be the first time I could say that in over 8 years. All it at once, I realized that this had everything to do with the work we have been doing together”



Hi I’m Corene a Native Washingtonian who traded a successful career in luxury real estate for entrepreneurship, investing and personal development. I am obsessed with combining the power of peak performance, intuition & purpose to harness untapped potential. 


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Breathe with me


Calm your nervous system, reveal subconscious blocks, and move through them. A community full of breathwork, hypnosis, and subliminal messaging.

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